Start constructing low-rise housing area of ADC Phu My Residence, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

Posted: 08-12-2017

On 6th December 2017, ADEC JSC started officially constructing the low-rise housing area of ADC Phu My Residence in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City.

Project is located in the center of district 7, 15B Street (Extended Nguyen Luong Bang Street) with 8 hectares’ total area. The main function of project included 211 garden view townhouses, 51 street view townhouses, 21 villas, apartments, school and green parks. Groundbreaking Ceremony has marked the turning point of the project, that is going to the finish state. According to company’s schedule, Construction will be separated in 6-7 phases, with 30- 40 houses each phase. Infrastructure of Zone B, C, D were completed, so company will concentrate on these zones firstly. In December 2017, Company has started some houses in zone B. In expecting, Zone B, C, D will be constructed simultaneously after Lunar New Year. In addition, Infrastructure of other areas will be finished at the same time in Q2/2018. Zone A, E, F, L will be constructed in Q3/2018.

ADC Phu My Residence will be expected to become the ideal place to live in South of Saigon because of valued location, that takes 5- 10 minutes to move to many surrounding areas like Phu My Hung Residence, RMIT University, Canada International School, FV Hospital, Mui Den Do Park…

Pictures of project:


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