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About VRC

Vision - Mission

  • VISION: To become an active and efficient investment group, constantly looking for investment opportunities and conducting sustainable projects, since we believe that prosperity of the partners and customers is also sustainable development of VRC, which leads to a better life for each VRC member in particular and for the community in general …
  • MISSION: To invest and develop sustainably for a sustainable society

Core values

Every member of VRC team has always been believing that consensus is the key to success.
If each VRC member is likened to one of the wooden timbers that make up a bridge, the strength of the VRC is precisely the resonant and mutually assistant strength of individuals. Just with VRC staff’s consistent unanimity in working toward the common goal, “building bridges” to overcome all difficulties and challenges and catch new opportunities for further development is quite within their reach.
Open-heartedness is one of the most important foundations in business. Making any decisions or implementing any projects, VRC always puts emphasis on open-heartedness. All VRC members always give their whole mind to the work they are doing.
Talents convergence
A drop of water falling on a lake surface creates unending concentric circles. We believe that once VRC team unanimously carries out its missions, “Appropriate opportunities – Vantage ground” will be an indispensable combined factor to facilitate the accomplishment of our missions.
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