M&A is considered our business pillar. At VRC, we are always searching, selecting and implementing M&A transactions in our reputed key sectors.

The potential companies that we choose are those with stable operations, good growth prospects and with the following criteria:
+ Scale: Total assets of VND 100 billion or over;
+ Growth: Growth rate of 10 – 15%/year.

The company operates in the industry/field with attractive growth prospects and rate, fit for the Company’s investment strategy in each period.
+ Effectiveness: ROE of 15% -20%
+ Ownership: minimum of 35%
+ Corporate governance: The management board has a strategic vision, management experience, professional knowledge, good networking in the business sector, a dedicated and enthusiastic staff and a clear and transparent management reporting system.

  • Real estate

    Focus on real estate firms with good physical resources and projects

  • Other investments

    Optimise financial resources in other short-term investment channels