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Internal Supervisor

Number of recruitment: 02 Employees
Location: Ho Chi Minh City

Job Description

  • Learn, review the system of policies, processes, regulations, and control the compliance of business processes in portfolio and in departments with rationality, feasibility and consistency
  • Ensure that necessary processes of the control system are established, implemented and maintained effectively
  • Control business activities
  • Check the organizational unit, implement closely information, activities by month/quarter/year.
  • Check the appropriateness of organizational structure and personnel.
  • Check the completeness, rigor, and appropriateness of the rules and procedures.
  • Compliance controlling
  • Check the units that meet the administrative requirements with compliant policies, regulations and processes through checking documents.
  • Financial control
  • Carry and urge to complete the objectives of controlled units.
  • Check the capital planning, forecast sales and track expenses, revenues.
  • Research to standardize internal controlling process, systematize internal controlling standards and instructions for controlling sessions.
  • Check and supervise the implementation of regulations of government and internal rules.
  • Develop, report the sign of violations to control risks, enhance the efficient management.
  • Recommend solutions and propose sanctions for violations.
  • Urge and supervising organization, departments in business requirements and process improvements base on reporting and evaluating by internal supervisor.
  • Support organization to work with independent audits and tax authorizes.
  • Check assets periodically and suddenly.

Job Requirements

  • Graduate bachelor of economics/accounting/auditing.
  • At least 5 years experienced in accounting/auditing and internal supervisor.
  • Able to detect potential risks when reviewing the regulation.
  • Establish the checkpoint in the processes that are reviewed.
  • Able to to apply analytical skills, identify problems, risks and suggest solutions to improve effectively operation.
  • Evaluate the result of improvement activities of the audited subjects.
  • Understand the system of regulations, policies, regulations and processes of the organization as well as the provisions of Law of Enterprise, Law of Securities and Law of Real Estate.
  • Careful, honest, truthful.
  • Progressive, eager to learn

Salary and compensation

  • Pay rate: Deal, market competition and deserve ability, experience and work efficiency.
  • Receive additional income due to personal achievements and business results.
  • Benefits fully social insurance, health insurance and other welfare regimes as prescribed.
  • Professional working environment with many promotion opportunities; be maximum facilitated to prove ability.

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