Number of recruitment 02 staff
Working place: Company office in Ho Chi Minh city

Job description

  • Researching, analyzing, updating information on business lines as required.
  • Collecting information, compiling data of enterprises in the list of industries in charge.
  • Analyze and determine the value of the stock of the company preparing for investment / divesting the stock in accordance with the strategy.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of investment projects and plans
    Researching, making reports on M & A, assessing and proposing M & A enterprises, preparing merger and implementation plans, supervising the implementation.
  • Prepare reports on the analysis and assessment of resources of enterprises that have invested periodically (annually and on request) and evaluate and advise on the business, investment and financial activities of the enterprises in charge regularly, periodically.
  • Take part in developing strategies to call strategic investors into invested units.

Job requirements

  • Graduation: Bachelor of economics, finance, banking
  • Priority: CFA level 2 or higher, graduate or higher degree in Finance in foreign countries or training programs associated with foreign countries.
  • Mastering valuation and business analysis skills, corporate finance.
  • Mastering the skills of financial planning, analysis and evaluation.
  • Understanding the Law on Enterprises and the Law on Securities.
  • Good writing skills, fluency in English, and presentation skills.
  • Data processing skills.
  • Experience: At least 3 years in Accounting - Auditing; Finance - Banking

Wages and benefits

  • Salary: Negotiable, competitive in the market and worthy of the capacity, experience and performance.
  • To earn additional income according to the business results of the Company.
  • To fully enjoy the social insurance, health insurance and other welfare regimes as prescribed.
  • There are many opportunities for advancement; To be given maximum conditions to make full use of their capabilities;
    Professional working environment.

Number of recruitment: 02 staff
Working place: Ho Chi Minh City

Job description

  • Reviewing the policy system, procedures and regulations and controlling the compliance of the business process of the enterprises in the investment portfolio and the departments of the enterprise, ensuring that reasonable, feasible and consistent.
  • Ensure that the necessary processes of the control system are established, implemented and maintained effectively, including but not limited to:
  • Operation control:
  • Check the organizational units, implement follow the content, action program of month / quarter / year.
  • To check the appropriateness of organizational structure and personnel.
  • Check the adequacy, strictness, conformity of regulations, processes.
  • Regulatory compliance.
  • Unit inspection meets the governance requirements for compliance with current policies, regulations and procedures currently applied through examination of records and documents.
  • Financial control.
  • Carry out the inspection and urge the completion of the control objectives of the units under control.
  • Check the budgeting, forecast sales and track the costs, revenue generated.
  • To study the standardization of internal control procedures, the company's internal control standards and professional guidelines for the control.
  • To inspect and supervise the observance of state regulations and internal regulations;
  • Detect, report signs of violation and wrong to reduce risks, improve management and operation.
  • It is recommended that the implementation of remedial measures be corrected, remedies committed at the unit and propose sanctions for the violation.
  • Urge and supervise businesses and departments to implement work requirements, process improvement or remediation based on reports and assessments of internal controls.
  • Assist and coordinate with the company to work with independent auditors, tax authorities
  • Taking part in asset inventory periodically or extraordinarily;

Job requirements

  • Graduated from university majoring in economics / finance / accounting.
  • Experience: At least 5 years in Accounting - Auditing; Internal control.
  • Detect potential risks that may occur when reviewing regulations
  • Set up checkpoints in the process to be reviewed
  • Skills in analyzing accounting data, identifying problems, risks arising while making recommendations to improve operational efficiency.
  • Evaluate the performance of improved actions of the audited entity
  • Understand the system of regulations, policies, regulations and procedures of the company as well as understand the provisions of the
  • Law on Enterprises, Law on Securities, Real Estate Business Law
  • Be careful, honest, trustworthy
  • Progressive, eager to learn

Chế độ lương và đãi ngộ

  • Salary: Negotiable, competitive in the market and worthy of the capacity, experience and performance.
  • Earn extra income on the basis of personal achievement and business results of the Company.
  • To fully enjoy the social insurance, health insurance and other welfare regimes as prescribed.
  • The working environment is civilized, professional, with many opportunities for promotion; Maximized to maximize the ability.
  • Identifying human resources as the most valuable assets of the company, VRC always attaches great importance to building a professional working environment, dynamic opportunities for development and promotion, and training. Regularly, continuously to improve the quality, skills and vision for employees, thus building trust and long-term commitment between employees and the company.
  • Training activities include: internal training, self-training and external training. Every year, VRC devotes significant budget to send staff to attend short and medium term training courses, specialized seminars, etc.
  • Training programs developed in accordance with the functions and duties of each department aims to maximize the potential and development orientation tailored to each individual.
  • The company focuses on the development of knowledge, management skills, capabilities and visibility for high-level personnel, who lead the company to overcome challenges and capture opportunities. Achieve the goals set.

1. Salary regime and treatment

  • Salary: Negotiable, competitive in the market and worthy of the capacity, experience and performance.
  • To earn additional income according to the business results of the Company.
  • There are many opportunities for advancement; Maximized to maximize the ability.
  • Professional working environment.

2. Holiday Policy

With the aim of caring for the spiritual life of the employees, renewing the labor force, raising the labor productivity and creating the motive force for exchanging experiences, learning, sharing experiences and yearly , The company will organize vacation tours for all staffs and relatives in the company.

 3. Reward policy

Annually, based on the business results, the Company will have a reward policy based on the level of completion of individual targets in the monthly / quarterly evaluation. The reward will be specified, detailed and fair for each level of employees to create motivation to work, create a healthy emulation environment for employees to promote their full potential, Promote the company's strong development.
In addition, the Company also builds ESOP programs and preferential program to buy products in the Company's projects for long-term employees and contribute to the development of the Company.

4. Health care policy

In addition to compulsory insurance (health insurance, social insurance), every year, the Company organizes health checks for 100% of employees to ensure the health of employees is best care, employees always Feel safe and be considerate.

5. Other welfare policies

The company is especially interested in the regimes for employees in the occasion of Tet holidays, birthday parties, and happy occasions, regularly organizing monthly welfare activities such as: International Women's Day, Children's Day, Tet Mid-Autumn Festival, Lunar New Year ...